Utilising Sierra 57 Consult’s on-site training, Talisman Plastics has continued its staff development programme, recently focusing on plastic materials. The training course has helped staff learn about classifications of polymers, material data sheets and handling requirements, with more modules planned in the future to build upon this knowledge.

Building upon an exciting and expansive order book for 2022 within both their technical moulding portfolio, tooling projects and caps and closures sectors, Talisman Plastics insists on further training and development for its staff. Recently the company worked alongside Sierra 57 Consult to increase its staff members’ knowledge of the plastic materials utilised on-site.

Taught by Sierra 57 Consult’s onsite Mould Trainer, the Level 1 Materials module has helped staff learn about the classification of plastics materials, understanding material data sheets, drying and handling requirements and simple molecular structures of plastics materials and polymerisation. The course is invaluable to fully underpin the basics of plastic materials and lays the foundation before progressing through to the next modular courses of Sierra 57’s Materials Modules 2, 3 and 4.

Mark Fellowes, Operations Director, Talisman (pictured, third from right) states: “The company continues to identify ways we can best review the strengths and needs of our employees, their commitment levels within our culture, and areas that we feel we can help them aspire and map out their career goals whilst developing their interest in our business growth, giving staff the due recognition that they are an integral part of our journey going forward.”

Spencer Whale, Business Development Manager, Talisman (pictured, right) adds “It’s encouraging to see both the appreciation and productive results in our staff post-training. Their intentions to want to learn more and to utilise their new knowledge across the moulding production areas are noticeably sharper with their everyday applications. Whilst Sierra 57’s onsite modular training helps break down the training for all ranges of learners, the end result is that everyone participating completes a pass rate of between 85-100%. Smaller staff training groups deliver a better one-on-one quality of content and stand a better chance of course content firmly embedded and retained.”

If you’d like to discuss bespoke training programmes for your moulding business or would like to browse the large range of training courses available, visit the Sierra 57 Consult Mould Training section of our website or get in touch directly.

Find out more about Talisman Plastics here: https://www.talismanplastics.co.uk/

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