In-Company Training from Sierra 57 Consult

Business success comes from having a cohesive team that understand their roles and responsibilities. Fully trained staff are confident to resolve problems effectively and efficiently. They reduce downtime, improve quality and increase output thereby contributing to the bottom line of the business.

The Sierra 57 Consult Ltd Onsite Training was developed in response to customer needs to upskill and further develop existing staff members, promoting staff confidence, personal career recognition and better applications in their everyday machining operations.

Why train?

  • Improve employee skills, increase their confidence, enable them to take on more challenging responsibilities.
  • Save the expense and time associated with replacing staff that have left by upskilling and retaining internal talent
  • Training staff leads to higher morale, reduces internal errors and increases efficiency
  • The likelihood of employees looking elsewhere for employment is reduced when they feel that their company cares about them
  • Provide opportunities for career advancement for those that show aptitude in the role.

Why Invest in your team?

  • Trained employees make educated decisions to resolve problems quicker and efficiently
  • Trained employees produce less scrap leading to lower costs
  • Trained employees set up better processes and solve problems faster
  • Trained employees set up robust processes reducing downtime, keep the machine running longer and decrease tooling and machine damage.
  • Production of quality parts consistently means happy customers and repeat business.

Does training Improve quality and productivity?

  • Better process and material understanding leads to efficient processes
  • Efficient processes lead to reduce cycle times
  • Introduction of Standard Operating Procedures reduces the impact of process variation
  • Training provides a good technical understanding and consistent communication with the team speaking the same technical terms/language.

What impact does the absence of trained staff have on a business?

  • Absence of technical understanding leads to human error, increased scrap rates and inefficient processes
  • Can lead to tool and equipment damage through poor utilisation and maintenance
  • Can impact on employee morale and job satisfaction

Sierra 57 Consult Ltd take Training seriously. We can help you Recruit / Train / Retain your workforce. Please see our Training website to see how we can help you Sierra 57 Training

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