How does your workforce fare against your competitors? Are you investing in your people for upskilling & development? Are you a business looking to grow and drive forward?

Why is there a lack of well qualified injection moulding technicians?  Has this been a result of a reduction in companies training people in the past due to recessions and the COVID pandemic?  You could argue that it is also partly caused by historic changes to the apprenticeship scheme by the Government.  We also have an aging workforce where we are haemorrhaging Polymer / Moulding skills out of the industry.

Do you know what the level of skills are in your business?  Are you ready for future business?  

Sierra 57 Consult can help you assess the knowledge in your business by way of a skills audit and recommend an upskilling & career development route.

We are seeing a real push across the UK to start training and upskilling more individuals currently as businesses look to close their skill gaps following a skills audit.

If you are amongst those that believe there aren’t enough good Moulding Technicians, please don’t complain about it…..start enquiring about the best methods bespoke to your business for training your people, promoting your business and retaining the right personnel that want to succeed for greater aspirations, which in turn promotes your company and “right first time” products.

Contact Sierra 57 Consult’s Mould Training division, speak with the Polymer team who can help you on your training journey, and design an affordable and efficient road map for your workforce.

“Protect your workforce, invest in their ambition, close the skillsgap”


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