The Global pandemic and the UK’s desire to leave the European common market have entrenched what was already an issue in UK manufacturing – The shortage of qualified/experienced Engineers.

Historically, the comparatively low wages of UK Engineers have failed to attract new entrants. Further, the education system has struggled to promote Engineering as a career, and diversity is low with women (52% of the UK population) accounting for only 14% of the Engineering workforce 1.

Investment in Training

When an employee leaves a Manufacturing company or a company identifies a skills gap, that role or gap needs to be filled as quickly as possible to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

However, the problems with Engineer shortages means that currently the average time-to-hire is taking up to 49 days 2.

Investing in training is one way that Manufacturing firms can minimise staff resignations whilst filling emerging skills gaps. When an employer invests in staff’s learning, development and growth, employees feel valued and are significantly less likely to leave the company. Ongoing Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Upskilling ensures that the developing skills of the workforce fit new emerging technologies.

Upskilling involves improving existing employees’ skills and abilities so they can advance in their current roles and careers within the company. Studies show that upskilling is approximately a third of the cost of recruiting 3.

A company who commits to upskilling will also benefit from:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased staff retention,
  • Increased production standards

Sierra 57 Consult – Injection Moulding Training

Sierra 57 Consult have created a Polymer Processing Training and Consultancy Division which has developed training modules to support the upskilling of customer’s staff at their own premises. In-company training is ideal for busy Manufacturing firms as:

  • Shift patterns can be maintained – avoiding interrupting life outside of work.
  • Training is in a comfortable environment – removing anxiety around travel arrangements.
  • Machine familiarity is maintained – training and experience will be on the actual machine workers will be expected to use.

With Sierra 57 Consult on-site training, employees can build new skills, develop existing ones, and gain new knowledge that will boost their self-esteem and increase on-the-job productivity.

Injection Moulding Setters courseGroup Training Tailored to Individuals

Sierra 57 Consult on-site training can be either individual or group-based learning significantly reducing the cost of training.

Group training helps to unite a company’s employees, strengthening group cohesion whilst developing the skills of the individual. In-company training also guarantees access to a common vocabulary and processes and provides a common foundation for all.

Sierra 57 Consult in-company training is in bite-size chunks so a learner can assimilate learning on the job following the course, before progressing to the next level. Sierra 57 Consult have an excellent reputation for extensive engineering knowledge and have developed courses in polymer processing, design support, tooling, maintenance, business improvements, supervisory and management in collaboration with customers – it will fit perfectly with company needs.

For more information as to the how Sierra 57 Consult can help upskill your team and the Modular Courses available email


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