Sierra 57 Consult, a leading provider of mould training, recently visited the impressive Arburg HQ in Leamington Spa to explore opportunities for further collaboration. The mission of the visit was to meet with top-level directors and discuss ways to take their engineering relations to the next level.

Arburg’s Impressive Facilities

According to Mark Lawson, the Director of Sierra 57 Consult, “Arburg UK facilities are an excellent showroom and arena for showcasing their equipment and specialist precision plastic moulding/automation engineering brilliance. It is a premier injection moulding machine supplier, supported and driven by highly trained & knowledgeable people, who in turn undergo ongoing intensive specialist training and product guidance by the parent HQ in Germany.”

Deeper Knowledge of Arburg’s Injection Mould Machine Product Portfolio

Sierra 57 Consult is thrilled to deepen its knowledge of Arburg’s excellent injection mould machine tool product portfolio, free formers, integrated automation solutions, and control systems. This will enable them to continue delivering first-class IOM3 training and provide process and tool problem-solving solutions to their clients who have Arburg machines on site.

40 Bite-Sized Technical Injection Moulding Courses

As part of the partnership, Sierra 57 trainers will provide a range of 40 bite-sized technical injection moulding courses at Arburg’s cutting-edge facilities. Learners will have the opportunity to hone their skills on the top-of-the-line Arburg Allrounder machines, offering customers who cannot release a mould machine from their busy production runs for technical onsite training, to capitalise and upskill their knowledge bank within technical moulding, tooling and mould materials, obtaining IOM3 certification once passing and completing respective courses.

The Importance of Training

Mark Lawson emphasizes the importance of training when it comes to operating mould machines with confidence, knowledge of their functions, and a keen focus on safety. “As we celebrate our success at the 2022 Plastic Industry Awards, it’s clear that training is paramount. Our commitment to excellence demands nothing less, and with the right skills and knowledge, everyone can operate these machines like a pro.”

Commitment to Excellence

In summary, Sierra 57 Consult is excited to deepen its partnership with Arburg through mould training. The partnership will enable them to deliver top-notch IOM3 training and problem-solving solutions to their clients who have Arburg machines on site. The commitment to excellence demands the right skills and knowledge, and Sierra 57 Consult is committed to providing just that.

(Pictured Nicolas Stein, Arburg Sales Director; Mark Lawson S57 MD; Colin Tirel Arburg MD; Neville Dudley S57 Trainer)

Mark is grateful to Nicolas and Colin for accommodating the meeting. S57 have been invited to attend UK Arburg’s 100th Anniversary Open Day in May, as one of Arburg’s key industry partners, amongst key customer guests and showcasing their latest hybrid mould machine series, the 460H.

Exciting times for both businesses striving forward, pushing boundaries and moving in line with 4.0 Smart Automation and World Class precision engineering.

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