In the ever-evolving business landscape, the harmony between customer and supplier organisations is vital for sustained success.

Graham Ward, Group Managing Director of Synthotec Limited explains, “Those companies with converging developments where both strategy and competence align often have the greatest synergies, providing an environment for further sustained development. Whilst diverging organisations find themselves drifting ever further apart.”

A  Collaborative Effort

Sierra 57’s Management team have been supporting Synthotec Limited for over 12 years, and both organisations can point to supportive and two way development over the years. Today Sierra 57 Consult has developed a suite of industry specific training programs to sit alongside their targeted recruitment services, which ensure that new staff enter employment with a company well aware of their skill level and the areas that can be enhanced.

Synthotec has also offered time and availability to Sierra 57’s Consultants to ensure that their recruitment team can enhance their knowledge of both the plastics industry processes and the specific needs of Synthotec; their technical challenges and their continued commitment to continuous improvement.

Knowledge Sharing

Injection moulding training at SynthotecThe latest training program delivered by Sierra 57 on site at Synthotec, is further evidence of how the skills needs can be identified through careful questioning and analysis. Synthotec has a proud record of developing the skills of its whole team, and the recent training courses delivered to Lee and Tiby will be another step in their individual skill development, and will also be another small evolution of the continued development for both organisations.

Mark Lawson, MD @ Sierra 57 Consult adds “understanding the customers’ needs, expectations, deliverables, pain points and their culture aids us massively to advise and recommend high value services that both complement & promote staff empowerment, confidence, development, nurturing and bolsters their staff retention, job satisfaction and provides them with a clear path of how their staff can progress and aspire within the business. Happy and content employees add value to productivity, attention to detail applications, improved H&S and SOP’s, and provide peace of mind to respective Managers / Directors / Company Owners for forging ahead with company directives & strategies. Harmony in the workplace matters; staff matter. Recruitment, training, staff retention matter. 

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